[posted] Simple Hauptwerk Display and USB-MIDI MIDI Monitor.

I modified the MIDI InputFunctionsComplete sketch to format messages for a serial enabled LCD display and to display output from the fine Hauptwerk Virtual Organ software. The wiring is obvious from the photo -- how simple is that? The LCD really is 3.3v in spite of the label you see if you look close enough. It's the LCD-09067 from Sparkfun.



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Any chance for a photo of this project in operation, showing the MIDI info on screen?
Oops, just sent my last serial enabled LCD to a client yesterday. Have more ordered. I will post within a week or so. I have a Teensy MIDI encoder project now that's solid for use with an organ console. Also a Teensy based capture system installed on a small Moller pipe organ -- the organist is thrilled. Will be sharing these here shortly. I think both are on the Teensy Warriors FB forum at the moment.