[posted] So i built a Custom device to monitor my Aeropoinc Garden


This is using a Teensy 4.1 on a Board i had manufactured for me by JLCPCB

I Designed the board in KICAD

The board is powered by a LM2596S 5.0 Buck Converter Circuit

And i have I2C Extenders in the form of Texas Instruments "P82B715DR" circuits in order to extend the reach of my humidity sensors

I'm also using "LTC4316CDD#TRPBF" from Analog Devices to perform Address Translation so i can use more than one TI HDC1080 which has a fixed address.

I have to say i was pumped as hell that this all worked right the first time.

I am using Atlas Scientific PH and EC Sensor boards to provide inputs [

Anyway here's a couple of pics


I really want to thank everyone on this forum and Paul as well. I lurked and read and learned alot. This project wouldn't have been possible without all of the information on this forum and Pauls Excellent T4.1.

Although i wish to god it had a USB-C Port. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate MicroUSB.

SO much in fact I'm considering a new revision where i just buy the IMXRT Chip and the bootloader chip and roll my own board.
Looks like fun! Would probably be overkill for my small 9 pod Aerogarden :D

You could also potentially use POGO like pins to the bottom two really small USB pads and then hook up your own USB.
Or you could use a simple USB A to MicroUSB cable, something like: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/15463
I used something like that on a remote control I was playing with a few years ago.