[posted] Teensy32/DUE carrier board


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Haven't said anything for a while. I dug up one of my one boards and went over the features of it. So, I thought I would post it. Mainly, so I could find it. It has a Due or Mega 2560 as an I2c slave of Teensy32. The Teensy32 runs most of the peripherals but the Arduino (with all that I/O can run) the steppers or some other things or the board can use the mega pin hole to strap the board for direct stepper driving by the Teensy32. The WizNet5100 the business of the Teensy on SPI. The Teensy also has slots for ADS1115 with little mini termian blocks. The Teensy is the I2c bus master so a touch screen either on I2c or SPI has been done. The ESP8266 can go on either the Arduino or the Teensy depending on how you strap the board, same for the RS-485 drivers.

I am out of these boards and will send them out for a lot of 10 or so.
Do you have any photos, and info about how it was actually used in a project.

To post on the website blog, at least one photo or video is needed.
Ok here is a picture .....It runs position control for a rotary peristaltic pinch valve (topworks shown as a propup for the board...) I use it to run steppers with analog measurements requiring feedback control like temperature or pressure loops...with pumps on the steppers I can do flow control or pump to target using the HX711.......anyway it can close the loop stanalone...too.

It can be a ModBus TCP server with a Wiznet5100. I think I posted that before. On occasion links to a TCP client on a Siemens S7. It could also run S7-1200 TCP protocol...or modbus RTU...on one or two ports Max3485....it could act as a modbus bridge that way.

Shown with Terminals and an ADC1115,, Allegro 4988. and ports for 3 HX711....but no HX711 on this one. I guess I could put it back together...

BTW the T3.2 is 5V tolerant. also the board has a jumper to select 5 or 3V operation so I could run it with a Mega too as an I2c slave or master