[Posted] TeensyCEC: The teensy 3.6 Console Emulators Collection

for the one interested in ZX spectrum emulation, I now added support for a custom I2C keyboard with 40 keys
More emulators ported to the derived project
Recently added PC engine, Gameboy, Sega Master System, Megadrive and AtariST using external a PSRAM module..

The list becomes bigger every day: Atari 2600,Odyssey,colecovision,Atari5200,Vectrex,NES,PC Engine,Sega Master System,Sega Game Gear,Sega Megadrive and Gameboy.
And for the computers: ZX81and spectrum, Atari800,C64,AtariST, 8086 XT.
Only theTeensy 4.0 supports them all!