[posted] TeensyMaestro - Teensy 4.1 Controller for Flex 6000 ham radios


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Here is a GitHub link to my Teensy 4.1 based ham radio controller. It controls a Flex 6000 series Software Defined Radio over TCP/IP. My version of the radio has no front panel controls except for a power button. It is designed to be controlled by a computer or by a Flex "Maestro". I did not want to shell out the big bucks for a Maestro, so I built this controller which provides knobs, buttons and a display. It uses the Flex TCP/IP API and an Arduino Flex library written by an Italian ham (Enzo, IW7DMH) that I modified slightly to work with the latest version of the Flex radios.

The controller has nine mechanical encoders, two optical encoders, 20 switches on two SparkFun multiplexers and an Adafruit HX8357 touch display. The switches have a short press and long press function, and most encoders control multiple functions. There are currently 6 menu screens with up to 14 menu items per page (most pages have 5 - 10 items). The unit is wired up point to point, but another ham is looking at creating a PC board for all the components, and a PC board front panel for it. My front panel is aluminum with plain paper, laser-printed graphics under a clear ABS sheet of plastic.

There is a User Manual on GitHub with a complete description of all the functions and pictures of some of the screens. The picture below makes the front panel look very scratched (which it actually is...), but away from the harsh light of the camera, you don't see them.