PPM Joystick and Head-tracker mixer for RC radios


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By changing the LoopBack example slightly, a PPM Joystick (channels 1-4) and a Fatshark head-tracker (channels 7&8), PPM signals can be mixed before sending it to the trainer port on a Fly Sky FS-I6X Rc Radio. The stock firmware of the radio was replaced with OpenTX. Not sure if the original firmware will still work. The RC plane can thus be flown with a Joystick rather than the Radio Control while the camera can be controlled with the Head tracker. The transmit power of the FlySky will thus be used as the transmitter.

At first there was, so often, a twitching on the rudder (channel 4) but it ended after the TX_MINIMUM_SIGNAL was changed in PulsePosition.CPP from 100 to 3000? (line 67). I have no idea what was causing this. The whole setup is now working smoothly. Can someone please refine the code as I am quite sure a lot of RC pilots will appreciate it to fly First Person View, with an actual Joystick. A modification to use a USB Joystick (using perhaps an FTDI tool) will be helpfull.


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