Producing a product after Teensy

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Currently making a midi controller for a home project

I had the prototype with me to show a friend, we where at a local pub I go to where musicians continuously play

It got spotted by a musician who attracted more attention, I began to show it in working with my ipad with a synth and it got a strange amount of interest.

I eventually had 6 people asking me about the potential of buying a similar device, I explained teensy 3.0 and programming in C to them to no avail no interest in the reward of engineering it themselves.

Has anyone taken a teensy project to a limited run of a built device? Excluding teensy as the brain?

I have limited ideas how I would work that through
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Yes, lots of people have made products from projects that got started with Teensy.

Here's a similar question. Maybe this answer will help?

Thanks Paul

I broke my first rule of forums by not searching for a similar topic! Apologies

My main concern was producing something with somebody else's product in the driving seat maybe for the first few I will use teensy and investigate alternative options if i push further in the future.

I'm sure you've heard it a million times over but great work on teensy!
producing something with somebody else's product in the driving seat
That is not unusual, but is very common. That is called systems integration. I'd have no problem selling an integrated system such as my lighting systems with a teensy in it. The more the better ;-)
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