Programming without a computer

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I'm looking for some advice here. I have a configuration of ~30 Teensy3s that need to be programmed in the field (harsh outdoor environment). I was planning on using a beater laptop to walk to each installation and upload new programs as needed. I'm thinking that there must be a simpler way and was wondering about R-Pi. I'm finding some conflicting info on if you can run the loader on R-Pi. My idea is to have no-display, just a battery and an R-Pi, plug it into the Teensy and press reset. The target board has a status display that I can use to show that it's been properly received. I can do the work back in a safe space and then upload it to this mobile programmer there. It needs to be as simple as possible.

Has anyone had any luck working with the loader on R-Pi?

The GUI-based Teensy Loader is not compatible with Raspberry Pi.

The command line version can work on Raspberry Pi, but the officially released version only supports Teensy 2.0.

Here is an experimental version that's been updated for Teensy3. Only the Linux part supports Teensy3.

It should work on Raspberry Pi, but of course being "experimental", it's really only been tested on x86-64 Linux. You may need to install a libusb-dev package to get the necessary headers to compile (eg, errors about missing usb.h).
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