Project share: Control garage door with a web relay control board

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My friend just launched a new web control product and he gave me a free one to install on my garage door. I promised him I will take a video for him after the project work.
This is a web relay control board, it's called Fargo, there is a built-in server which is able to communicate with most internet browsers and devices. You can use it to control any electrical devices over the internet.
I connected Fargo to my home network and wired it into the garage door opener. It's really very simple and easy to configure, you can use it out of the box, no coding required, and it utilizes safe low-voltage power.
I am sorry the video picture is not that good because I used my bicycling headband camera to make this video. If you are interested in DIY your own web control project, you are welcome to ask me any questions. For those that would like to get an early sample, Linortek is running a Kickstarter campaign for Fargo. You can get a Fargo from $69 - $109 to build your own automation project.
The project is currently 130% funded with 2 weeks left on Kickstarter. Fargo lets you control relays through a web interface. It has applications in home automation, integrated systems, and can benefit electrical technicians and network pros on the job.

All Fargo products have a built-in server which is built on the same TCP/IP platform providing a more stable and tested product. This web server stack executes on a 32-bit processor and utilizes standard 10M/100M interfaces making it able to communicate with most internet browsers and devices. The web interface is pre-built and ready to use out of the box.

Check it out if you are interested:
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