PS4 controller / Steering wheel to MIDI messages possible?


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I'm working with my son on seeing if it's possible to get a joystick/controller connected to a teensy4.0 and then see if we can use those values to output MIDI messages. Would also like to use with the teensy audio module.

I haven't worked with USBHost before, but I'm thinking that's what would be used. We are toying around with a PS4 controller first, and just trying to get some button pushes to echo on the serial port, but not having much luck.

I think mostly people are using the teensy to connect buttons into (if I'm understanding the posts correctly), and then the teensy echoes the relevant messages over USB to a computer. We want to get the values directly from the joystick and then do something with those messages.

I don't know if this is still pertinent as it's from 2015:

Any suggestions on what example sketch to start with?
Thanks in advance.