QNEthernet and max sockets on a Teensy 4.1


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Hello all,

I am using "QNEthernet" for the Teensy 4.1 and have a web server running on it with Ajax and JS.

Now there seems to be a maximum of 8 sockets set, in which header file can you adjust this and what would be the maximum fetch bare?

Thanks in advance.
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Is it possible to retrieve and display the usage of ram1 and ram2 in the Serial Monitor?
In order to determine the optimal number of sockets.

It is a web page using js and Ajax. The web value of the components (Ajax) are refreshed every 1000mS. The web page should be able to contain at least about 20 components.
And be viewable from multiple computers and mobile devices simultaneously. Hence, I am looking for the optimal number of feasible sockets possible.

Thanks again.
Assuming the request processing doesn't take too long, you shouldn't need many sockets. I'd start with the default and see how the project behaves.

What you describe is the client-side. I'm curious which server you're running on the Teensy?