QNEthernet support for HTTPS requests


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Hi everyone!
Currently in my job, i'm using a Teensy 4.1 for developing kind of a interface of data acquisition. The point is that last week i accomplished to successfully transfer data form the Teensy connected via Ethernet to a Influx data base using NativeEthernet library, but right now i have to migrate that same functioning using QNEthernet library instead (due to compatibility with other libraries that are necessary for a further development). I used essentially the same request structure that is made in plain HTTP but for a HTTPS server (the influx server), so i get this response from the server:


I used client.println() as i did with native Ethernet, and even try with client.writeFully() but the response was the same, so i don't know if it has to do something with that. Also when i connect to the server the port used is the 443, that is the usual for HTTPS connections, but at the end of the response shows as if the connection was made through port 80 what is not possible. So i wanted to know if the case is that QNEthernet can not handle HTTPS requests or SSL/TLS certifications, or in case it does, how can i enable them in order to make this plain HTTP petitions.

Thank you in advance!
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Check out the MbedTLSDemo example. I was able to connect to external HTTPS servers with it. It’s a little bit more involved to set up with certificates and specific functions and things, but I’d say the demo is workable as a starting point.
I just added a step 4 to the instructions: copy the contents of the example’s sample config into the mbed library’s src/mbedtls/config.h.
Thank you very much for your response, Shawn. I truly appreciate your suggestion to use MbedTLS. I'll definitely give it a try and see how it works for my project. Looking forward to any new updates on the topic. Thanks again!