[queued] Aeroponic Monitor Remote Monitoring Device


In addition to the Data Aggregator in my other post.

I wanted to be able to remotely monitor conditions in other parts of my environment.

So as it turns out the Hardwood floors in my house are SUPER Sensitive to Relative Humidity. If the humidity drops below 35% the boards start to pull apart.

Of course the manufacturer of the Floorboards buries this fact in their fine print and i do mean buried. It's on page 98 of a 300 page exclusion form that doesn't ship with the product it's only available on the manufactures WWW site

In any event to prevent further damage and to hold the manufacture accountable I built the following device to monitor Humidity and Temp and log the data to a remote SQL Server so i could generate a report and prove that i never fell below the RHT Limit. I also wanted to see how the RHT fluctuated throughout the day so i could turn on Humidifiers and monitor the results

This Board i built is POE Powered.

I designed the board in KICAD and had it manufactured by JLCPCB.

Quick questions....

What sensors are used for temperature & humidity? Any chance for a photo or video of it installed with the sensors and plants they're monitoring?

And pretty awesome getting power over ethernet working! I know a good number of people are interested in PoE. Any chance you might share some details like the parts used, schematic, build details, etc?