[queued] CTR2 - An HMI for all of your radios


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Lynn Hansen, KU7Q, has developed an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) that allows you to control up to 16 radios. Based on the Teensy 4.1 and Teensy Rev D Audio Adapter boards, this standalone system (no PC required) provides DSP audio processing, an FFT display, a remote touchscreen display, USB audio and serial support for 3rd-party apps, and automatic radio I/O and antenna switching. The HMI was featured in the ARRL's September/October 2021 QEX magazine. The online edition of QEX is available to all ARRL members. The project is open-source. For more information you can visit https://lynovation.com.

Here's a few photos of this project:

Remote Touchscreen Display

System Diagram

HMI Board with Teensy Boards and ESP8266 Installed

HMI "Stack" including Radio I/O and Antenna Switch Boards
(Not sure why its laying on its side :))