[queued] DIY Hardware Data Vault With Teensy 4.1 (Midbar (Teensy 4.1) V3.0)


Greetings, everyone.
It's been a while since I last released a Teensy-based version of Midbar.
I am excited to announce that Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) V3.0 is finally out!
Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) V3.0 has a smaller and less expensive display than the previous Teensy-based version of Midbar, more optimized code and a couple of new features.
This version of Midbar incorporates a password vault, credit card vault, phone number vault, note vault, encrypted book reader, data encryptor/decryptor, and data hasher.

Aside from the fact that it can function as a USB keyboard, Midbar comes with lots of convenient features, such as:

  • USB keyboard support - Allows you to interact with Midbar using the USB keyboard connected to the Teensy 4.1 USB port;
  • Combination of EEPROM and SD card storage - Enables you to store 16 login credentials and 10 credit card details in Teensy's EEPROM and allows you to store as many records on an SD card as there's available space on it (as long as you adjust the value in the "#define MAX_NUM_OF_RECS 999" line of course);
  • Ease of data backup - Allows you to effortlessly back up EEPROM data to the SD card or Serial Terminal and restore it just as easily;
  • Sophisticated encryption with integrity verification - Midbar utilizes a 3DES + AES + Blowfish + Serpent Encryption Algorithm in the cipher block chaining mode of operation combined with the HMAC-SHA256 to encrypt your data and check its integrity;
  • Data Encrypter - Whether you're going to use the keys that are partially derived from your master password, or encrypt a string using the key you enter on the USB keyboard, Midbar got you covered. You can encrypt a string of up to 10,000 characters using any of the available encryption algorithms;
  • EEPROM integrity verification - The Midbar checks if the EEPROM is tampered with each time you unlock it;
  • Encrypted Book Reader - Enables you to read books encrypted with Serpent encryption algorithm in CBC mode.

Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) V3.0 is a powerful tool that can be used even without an SD card. Although the absence of an SD card limits the number of available slots for your login credentials and credit card details to 16 and 10 respectively, you can still use it as a data encryptor and decryptor, as well as a data hasher.

If you're interested in the Midbar (Teensy 4.1 Version) V3.0, you can find the tutorial for it at https://www.instructables.com/DIY-Hardware-Data-Vault-With-Teensy-41/ (Links for the source code are in step 7)

I hope you find this device handy.
Best regards,
Maxim Bortnikov


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The new version of the encryption software for Midbar (Teensy 4.1) V3.1 is out. I wrote it in Rust, a programming language designed to be "memory-safe" and prevent common memory safety bugs like buffer overflows. Even though this software should be more secure compared to the previous versions, I would still recommend you to encrypt and decrypt data directly on the hardware vault itself to minimize the risk of successful side-channel attacks.

You can find the software with its source code at:
https://github.com/Northstrix/Midba...tion Software For Midbar Teensy 4.1 V3.1/Rust
https://sourceforge.net/projects/midbar/files/Teensy 4.1 Version/V3.1/

AES-256 CBC Encryption Software For Midbar (Teensy 4.1) V3.1 Rust + Python.png

And by the way, I truly appreciate that this project was featured in the blog section.

Best regards,
Maxim Bortnikov