[queued] MIDI foot pedal controller - configurable chord player


I should probably post this here (original thread)

Github repo with a longer explanation, all the .ino files, and the JSON config.

This isn't particularly clever, but I think the bit which I've not seen done much before is everything is driven by a JSON config file on an SD card. That means (eventually) I can build a GUI to change how the unit works - what keys and chords it supports etc - and maybe add in completely new modes such as program changes.

Thanks for making it so easy to get started with Teensy, I've really enjoyed the process of building my first physical project. I'll definitely be doing this more in the future.
Warning: I want to change the JSON config format quite a bit as editing all the chords for a single key means jumping around the file a lot. I would also love a way to run the Teensy in MTP + MIDI mode at the same time. I tried editing some files in the libraries folder in ArduinoIDE but it didn't work.
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