[queued] SHAPESHIFTER Open Source Drum Machine


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Hello, at Faselunare (www.faselunare.com) we are working on a DIY open source Drum Machine based on Teensy 3.6.
It was inspired by this project and modified to be easily assembled by anyone. 1 button and 1 pot have been added together with a small breadboard with 170 points and an area that can accommodate expansion cards that anyone can do to add, for example, the midi, new potentiometers, LEDs, buttons etc.

Teensy free pins are available near the breadboard and the expansion board

Shapeshifter will be presented to the next Soundmit with a workshop (if we can finish the prototype in time) and then the kit will be available online.

Through Hole Technology
32 bit 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor with floating point unit
16 steps keys
4 tracks keys
1 function key
1 play/stop key
16 step leds
4 track leds
1 function led
1 play/stop led
3 assignable knobs
1 170 points breadboard
1 slot for custom expansion boards
Ciao Paul, both shapeshifter and microcosmos is on hold (not abandoned), we have other projects to carry on at the moment and we lack of developers at the moment.