[queued] Teensy-Powered Rocket Engine


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Hi all! We're the Yellow Jacket Space Program, Georgia Tech's 100% student-run liquid-fuel rocketry team. Last November, we successfully fired the YJ-1S, our first iteration LOX/kerosene rocket engine, for the first time.

The electronic control system for the engine was powered by 3 Teensy 3.6's. Details about how the system was built are below. One other student and I designed, built, and debugged this system in about 3 months in our free time between classes. It's not very well put together, but got the job done!

This is the switchboard, which allowed us to command actuation of individual valves within the engine as well as initiate the engine startup and fire sequences.

Below is the engine controller, which takes commands from the switchboard and actuates the valves on the engine. One Teensy 3.6 receives commands from the switchboard, and another Teensy holds the auto-firing sequences that take control of the engine valves when initiated. There is some logic circuitry inside to handle commands from both inputs.
Engine Controller.jpg

We're developing a regeneratively-cooled engine that will be firing soon, and our first liquid-fuel launch vehicle that will launch next summer. To stay up to date, follow us on social media and visit our website: https://www.gtspaceprogram.com/.

-Sam Kim
Yellow Jacket Space Program | President
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Very cool indeed.

Oxygen and kerosene, reminds me of Goddard's first rocket, Liquid Oxygen and gasoline. Congratulations!

Not sure if you have seen this guys efforts but its fun too: https://bps.space/about/
Congratulations guys, you are great. I regret that in my student years I was not engaged in such a science as you, and now I'm too old.