quick question about Audio Shield inputs


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I've searched for an answer to this but I'm still confused:

For the Adafruit Silicon MEMS Microphone Breakout that I'm playing with, the instructions say:

"The output will have a DC bias of 0.67V so when its perfectly quiet that's what you'll read, there's a little drift. If the audio equipment you're using requires AC coupled audio, you can grab the signal out of the AC pin, which has a 10uF capacitor in series."

I understand that the Audio Shield has capacitors on the line-input, but I'm still not clear which output from the MEMS board I should use going into the Shield's line-in pins.

Audio Shield has 2.2uF decoupling capacitors present on the Line input L & R. It is safe to run the DC output of the MEMS board to either Line input L, R or both.
AC output of the MEMS board will also work. In this case the effective decoupling capacitance will be 10uF and 2.2uF in series = around 1.8uF.