Reading data from Here 2 GNSS module with Teensy 4.1 using serial communication


Hello everybody
Using serial communication with Teensy 4.1, I want to read GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou satellite numbers and location information from Here2 GNSS module.
Most of the examples I've found are for GPS only, I can't find an example I can use for other satellite systems.
Can anyone help with this?
The GNSS modules I've used modify their NMEA string prefixes for each GNSS type. I've seen "GP", "GN", and "GL", as in "GPRMC", "GNMRC", "GLRMC", and "GPGSV", "GNGSV", "GLGSV". I think Galileo would be a "GA" prefix and BeiDou would be "PQ", but that could depend on your GNSS module's firmware.