Registering as a USB Device


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I am looking for a microcontroller that will be detected as a usb device without needing to install or write new drivers. I saw a example where someone had to get the usb device details of another device and copy that because the cost of registering was so expensive. So basically, if I want to create a games controller, I can plug it into the usb of the PC and it will be ok.

Any recommendations? Any limitations such as the device can be a controller but not a mass storage device?

You've come to the right place !! This forum is specifically for the Teensy family of products. From the Arduino IDE, you can select for your Teensy to act as a variety of devices (see the screen capture below). From your initial description, it sounds like you'll probably be looking for the Teensy to be configured as either "Flight Sim Controls" or "Flight Sim Controls + Joystick".

Go to the PJRC website (, order a couple of Teensy 4.0s, download the Arduino IDE, add the Teensyduino add-in & start playing !!

Good luck & hope that helps . . .

Mark J Culross

So I have used a PI as a mini computer and rather than use a Pico as a microcontroller, I am interested in a different type. What Teenseys are similar to the Pico?