Replace MKL26Z64 by MKL26Z128

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I have a source code for Teensy LC, so for MKL26Z64, but I want do my own board and replace MKL26Z64 by MKL26Z128, to increase flash memory from 64K to 128K.

I understand that simply need modify boards.txt file to change size of flash and RAM memory. I open boards.txt and find these definitions for Flash and RAM memories:


According with datasheet, MKL26Z64 has 64K flash, so 64*1024=65536. So why in boards.txt put 63488 instead of 65536, why lost 2K ??.

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Ok, thanks Paul.
Then I must keep always 2K reserved, if I replace MKL26Z64 by MKL26Z128 ?, it's to modify properly Linker Script to use 128K microcontroller instead of 64K. I'm not sure if replace 63488 by 131072 or by 129024.
Yes, I understand, I do not want load firmware with the booloader, will load by SWD with Jlink.
My doubt is if I must always to reserve 2K of flash, or do not need to do it if I do not need emulate a eeprom in flash.
Let me get this straight...
  1. Paul develops the teensy ecosystem in conjunction with Arduino.
  2. You are leveraging Pauls work to create a boards.txt derivative for your chip.
  3. Your approach avoids the need for the bootloader chip, hence depriving Paul of income for R&D that allowed 1) to happen.
  4. Yet, you are asking Paul to provide technical support.
Not impressed. I don't speak for Paul but I hope you now understand how potentially offensive your request for help is.
I see nothing wrong with this. Why reinvent the wheel?
I too have ported Teensyduino internals to many other Freescale K-Series chips, although I have never asked for assistance.
I also have contributed back to the products in various ways. Who knows, perhaps improvements or something new will come back from this.
I know how to read the code, and I am very experienced, so I never had to.

I think Paul is rather awesome for helping out, and it shows his character, and why his business is such a success.
The entire idea of free software and tools is exactly what is happening here.
I'm not against standing on the shoulders of giants - I do that every time I touch a computer! However, I wanted to impress on Luis that asking Paul how to subvert his income stream is likely a bridge too far. Paul is an awesome guy but I doubt he wants to spread the info far and wide on how to disintermediate him re: his income stream *and* use the libraries, glue with Arduino, etc. that he's developed.

I hope Luis contributes back like you have. Cheers and thanks.
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