Replace Teensy 2.0 with 4.0 in Morse paddle to USB keyboard


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Recently came across a project for translating input from a morse code paddle to USB HID keyboard input. The project was originally designed for a Teensy 2.0, and involves pins B4, B5, OC0A, VCC and GND. With the 2.0 no longer in production, I want to use a 4.0 instead. Need help. Original project is at Do I need to do anything more than translate the pins?
A quick review reveals that the source includes many details that are specific to the AVR family of processors (the latest Teensy boards no longer use AVR processors). Unfortunately, this almost certainly means that there is much more to this upgrade than simply converting pin definitions. Sorry for the bad news . . .

Mark J Culross
Thanks (really) for the disappointing reply. I am going to try using one of the knock-off 2.0 boards from China.