RTMC - Real Time Measure and Control - an universal DAQ , datalogger and I/O-System


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Over the last year, I developed a universal DAQ system to capture data from any I2C, SPI, RS232, analog or whatever-protocol sensor. It allows simultaneous and synchronous data capturing of up to eight sensors (or even more - see description) and can be programmed with just a few lines of code within the Arduino IDE. It utilizes a teensy 4.1 (using all of its eight HW-UART channels) and multiple raspberry Pi picos. Data is transmitted via USB to the host PC for further analysis using Matlab, Excel, or any other program that can read .csv files. Data can be captured with up to 4.4 kHz (depending on the sensors). It can also act as a I/O-system, meaning you can connect actuators and sensors to the RTMC to easily create closed loop control systems with deterministic sample rates. I have successfully used this device multiple times in a professional environment - it works like a charm.

More infos on my github: https://github.com/markusgruen/RTMC
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