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I want to integrate the Audio Shield into a custom board.
Does anybody know what SD socket is used?
Maybe with a footprint for Target or KiCad?
Or at best: Is there a PCB layout (Target or KiCad) available for the Audio Shield?
You can use any - they need to be compatible to SD - not Teensy :)
Just make your layout compatible to the socket you use.
I don't want to be insolent....
Can you tell me how to connect Pin 10..13 from Teensy to the SD-Card (DAT2, DAT3/CD, CMD, CLK, DAT0, DAT1)?
The second link helps a lot, thank you!
My diagram looks like:
Teensy <----> SD Socket
10-(CS) <---> 2(CS)
11-(MOSI) <---> 7(DAT0, Data Out)
12-(MISO) <---> 3(CMD, Data In)
13-(SCK) <---> 5(CLK)

I'm not really sure about MOSI&MISO. Are they connected MOSI to Data Out(like above) or are they being crossed?
Maybe this diagram of the connector we use on the audio shield and Teensy 3.5, 3.6, 4.1 can help?


This is a top view where the SD card inserts from the right hand side with its pins facing down.

SO means MISO
SI means MOSI

Here's a nice pinout diagram I found with a quick Google search which might help you visualize together with the connector.

The right connection is:

Teensy4.0 <----> SD Socket
10-(CS) <---> 2(CS)
11-(MOSI) <---> 3(CMD, Data In)
12-(MISO) <---> 7(DAT0, Data Out)
13-(SCK) <---> 5(CLK)

Thank you Paul, thank you Frank!
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