Serial over Ethernet

Mr Bill

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We have a Sony camera that uses a RS422 interface and is supposedly (don't have the camera in hand yet) sensitive to delays but needs to be piped over Ethernet. The 1-100 msec delay time for the commercially available units is unacceptable. Having serial and Ethernet ports the Teensy 4.1 seems like a natural. We won't be able to change anything the Sony camera is doing so the link needs to be transparent to the camera. Has someone already done this? If I were to start on this project what resources should I look into? I would love to see the Teensy be an item that we stock for selfish reasons.

Thanks in advance, Bill
I do something similar with a device that communicates over RS485. In my case the device has a model which has ethernet but we only have the RS485 model, I was able to use their software and connect to the Teensy over ethernet and transfer the data between the Teensy and the RS485 device. I just winged it and assumed the protocol was the same and sure enough it just worked. Even if you use a Teensy on both sides of the Ethernet you should be able to get something working. I think this is just one of those things that you have to try out and see how it goes.

In my case I use a MAX3485 chip between the RS485 device and the Teensy, and the device is set to 115200 baud. Figuring out how to use the RS422 chip you choose or off the shelf 422 board, as well as sending data between a couple Teensy over Ethernet should be a good start. Then try and combine the two.
Let me know if you give it a shot.