Serialising to JSON and deserialising from the files generated by Jannick Manicken's SoundFontDecoder


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I have I have just tagged the first alpha release of my program to convert the .cpp and .h generated by the decoder to a format to something that can be read form a file at runtime and recreated dynamically. The project is available at here. The repository name is a bit misleading and stems from the fact that I originally tried to use a binary memory image format and now changed to JSON. This is early days and I have only tested it with one soundfont file. I will flesh out the readme file over the next few days. Please feel free to test out the workflow and use the repo on github to track issues etc.
I have moved my activity on this to a new repository json2asw. I will be retiring the old repository soon. I will be posting to a new thread from now on.