SGTL5000 Microphone Input - How long can the conductors be between mic and board?


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I'd like to connect a simple Electret Condenser Microphone to the MIC inputs of the SGTL5000.
How long can my leads be? The pins are up to 10" away from where I want a microphone.
10 inches is probably fine if you use shielded cable or twisted pair or even just 2 conductors held close together.

What actually happens will really depend on whether your environment has something noisy which tends to couple to the wires. Critical listening tests should be done to check for problems.
Shielded for audio usually. Twisted pair is only immune to capacitive interference if balanced impedance.
Got it. Thank you, both

I’ll plan on a shielded option. I am pretty new to this area. Is this a wire mesh (GND) around an internal single wire (MIC)?

Conceptually it seems like a coax cable line. I imagine there’s a standard for this type of thing that’s much smaller.

Any guidance?

Is this a wire mesh (GND) around an internal single wire (MIC)?
Yes, something like this:


Thanks, @PaulS and @MarkT!
I'll need to locate some smaller quantity or more local providers. In one case, shipping is $50 and the other, 30 meter minimum order and unknown shipping.
But the specs will let me find something locally.