Short Clearance Teensy 4.1 mounting


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I found this post in the forum and it's helpful, but not conclusive in my case.
I'm now mounting a "Teensy 4.1 Pins" to my daughterboard as pictured

I'd like to use pluggable sockets instead (to allow testing a daughterboard without soldering a Teensy).
AND I'd like the lowest top-side clearance as possible

@BriComp suggested something like this...

Though it's not clear that it would materially shorten the height.

My daughterboard it pictured here:
IMG_0816 copy.jpg

Here's the Teensy environment
Current clearance - a shade over 6mm between the daughter board the the overlying part.
I can grow the clearance a bit with enclosure design changes, but only a few millimeters before I'd require our customers to have larger hands!


So... Low clearance, yet removable, yet solidly-connected.

Any ideas?