SPI_HAS_NOTUSINGINTERRUPT - not correctly defined for all CPUs?


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Hi folks

Chasing an obscure bug, and I think I might have found it. Or I'm misunderstanding something...

In SPI.h and .cpp, there is lots of conditional compilation for different architectures. Some of these define SPIClass::notUsingInterrupt(), and there is an associated macro SPI_HAS_NOTUSINGINTERRUPT which appears to be intended to indicate whether the function is available. However, despite Teensy LC and Teensy 4.x both having the function, the macro is not defined for them.

Is this a bug, or am I in some way missing the point?
PR #67 submitted. Will it get in? Who knows - the oldest PR in that repo is coming up on 9 years old... I hope so, because I think it fixes a pretty serious bug in the interaction between the audio and SPI libraries.