Suggestion for the Envelope shaper


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While coding for my synth project I was a little surprised (only a little) to find that there doesn't seem to be any kind of event feedback from the envelope. At first I thought it would be good to have a marker at the end of each stage of the envelope cycle to trigger other events but on thinking further I realized that I would only probably use an end point marker so that I could turn everything off in housecleaning routines for that note event. This way I could turn off waveforms and similar processes to save as much CPU time as possible from being wasted running these in the background with no benefit. I could of course be wrong, this may already be possible and just undocumented or I could be missing something from my "sketchy" knowledge of Arduino style C code or Audio library implementation. (If so a polite shut-up and go away in a helpful direction would be understood ;) )

Another use for such a signal could be the re-triggering of the envelope for looping effects or even accurate sequential triggering of different independent effects and envelopes. Of course to this end a signal from the end of the whole envelope and one from the end of the decay cycle might be better. (Weigh in anyone who has a better idea about this.)

I certainly could be wrong but I can't see that this modification would be a difficult one to implement in the module (except by me), would adhere to the obvious needs for backward compatibility in the library and any increase in overheads from the envelope would be negligible.

Of course if this mod runs the chance of ruining what is at last an excellent envelope please feel free to burn my posting and exile me to Saint Helena as an enemy to the people for suggesting such a travesty.