Suggestions for Audio with TeensyThreads


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About a year ago I tried getting Uncanny Eyes and audio and SD to work together on a T4.1. The audio was always stuttery. I tried passing control from the eyes to the audio with yield() statements, I think, pretty aggressively. I got busy with warm weather projects and put it aside as a failed concept.

Thinking about this and with the return of cold weather, I'm thinking I could try again to get it working, using some combination of buffering and TeensyThreads. I haven't programmed TeensyThreads before and it has been about 5 decades since I did anything with multitasking. I'm finding it a bit hard to search and see if anyone has dealt with a similar issue since 'thread' can mean a forum discussion...

Any insight into how buffering and threads might work together would be greatly appreciated. Links to projects that have used threads with audio would be very helpful. I think jerkiness in updating the eyes would be less obtrusive than stuttery sound. I'm guessing an audio buffer and giving the display (uncanny eyes) 1 millisec slices before passing control back to audio seems like it might be adequate to keep the sound smooth...