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Hello everyone,
I'm Francesco from Faselunare, we are a small group of makers from Italy, our first project is an Open Source Drum Machine named "Shapeshifter"
Our goal is to create a community around Shapeshifter where anyone can develop new hardware and software features.
We have set up a forum and a Gitlab for this purpose.

We plan to sell the PCB and the kit in the future. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive the update!
For now, the drum can only be obtained through our workshops. The next one will be in Turin (Italy) on December 15th 2018.


SHAPESHIFTER is a mouldable DIY Drum Machine with the powerful Teensy 3.6 development board at his CORE.
The name SHAPESHIFTER was given for its open source nature that is always evolving and changing.

Open Source
As it is an Open Source project, everyone can edit the code using the powerful Arduino and Teensy coding standards.

Open Hardware
Use the included breadboard to prototype your changes and then convert them to an expansion board.

Easy to build
Shapeshifter is made entirely with THT technology so it is easy to weld even for those who have never done it bLEDse!

Be part of our community, join the other users on our forum, share and improve your knowledge.

32 bit 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 Core (Teensy 3.6)
Simple Arduino coding style
22 Buttons
22 LEDs
3 Potentiometers
1 Onboard experimenting breadboard (170 points)
1 Expansion slot
Audio out
Completely Open Source and Open Hardware hardware

More video on our website!

Thank you!
I love the concept of it - It's a perfect demospace for the audio library :)

You should do a kickstarter or similiar - I'm sure it would sell if it was supplied with a fully working basic drum machine function pre-loaded. I'd buy one for giggles :)

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