T3.5 Ignores Button Press, Not Seen by Computer

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Electric Potato

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I've got a new T3.5 with a couple of problems:

First, when connected to the computer, pressing the button has absolutely no effect, I attached a video showing this; it just keeps blinking.
here's a video of that: https://vimeo.com/559734370

Second, I was having issues getting the computer to see a USB device at all when plugging in the T3.5 but found that if I pressed down on the MCU chip it would suddenly
recognize it, and then disconnect when I released the pressure. I posted a video of this as well. It's confusing because pressing on other locations in the vicinity of the mcu also occasionally caused it to be recognized, sometimes even pushing down on the header pins in that area. Pressing down on the usb jack side or the sd socket side had no effect:


Any ideas?
I sent you an email about your board - we would like to send you a replacement. Please check the email address you used for your forum account.
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