T3.5 uploads work better using non-teensy port?


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Using T3.5 I get the usual message at upload if I forget to select the equivalent teensy port:
Teensy should be selected from "teensy ports" rather
than "Serial ports" in Arduino's Tools > Port menu

If I don't follow the advice the sketch uploads and starts auto-magically (no button push) ... !?

If I select the equiv. teensy port and upload I get message below and I have to push the button

Unable to open COM19 for reboot request
  Windows Error Info: Access is denied.
  more ideas... https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/40632?p=126667&viewfull=1#post126667
Teensy did not respond to a USB-based request to enter program mode.
Please press the PROGRAM MODE BUTTON on your Teensy to upload your sketch.

Unless I am missing something I'm inclined to ignore the message, use the ordinary port and save time?

In case it's important: in both cases the T3.5 target is running a sketch and outputing occasional text to Serial (e.g. the Wire/I2C scanner) when the upload is started.