Teensy 2.0 hi-Z outputs?


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I have a Teensy 2.0 I am using on a project and am using a few digital pins which I would like to program to one of three states depending on mode: Low, High, or Hi-Z.
By Hi-Z, I mean high impedance (or open).
Does the Teensy 2.0 support hi-Z outputs?
I couldn't find anything on it.

Thx. That would work although I'd also like to change the output state during the runtime code, not the setup() section.
Can pinMode() statements be used in the main loop() section?
Yes, you can use pinMode() in loop() or anywhere else in your program. It's not confined to only setup(), though that's where it's most commonly used.
I'm wondering that the Teensy 2.0 does not support hi-Z outputs, it only supports low and high states for its digital pins. Is it correct, Please let me sure.