Teensy 3.1, possible to mix OctoWS2811 and AudioAnalogInput?

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I mentor a first robotics team, FRC3574, and this year we added a 5x118 band of WS2182's to our robot. The idea to have the strip show ambient audio visualization was brought up.

So looking over the code, my suspicion is no, since the analog input uses the same DMA registers, but maybe there's someway of interleaving the data? I've got an arduino friendly electret mic/amp package, but could try the new audio breakout. However it seems the I2S code also uses the dma system, so not sure if that buys me anything.

The robot in question:
Today, no. They use the same DMA channels.

Fixing this on Teensy 3.1 is on my to-do list, but it may be a few weeks or longer until I get around to it.
Hi, Paul
Is it now possible to use the Teensy 3.1 with OctoWS2811 adapter/lib and the audio board (+ electret microphone) ?

I've looked at these other threads, but they do not offer any resolution:

If it's possible can you please suggest a possible setup ?

PS: Sorry if this a noob question. I am a software developer, but this is the first time I am playing with Arduino and the hardware.

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