Teensy 3.1 Pulse sensor port

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I am currently trying to get the SparkFun Pulse sensor module to work with a teensy 3.1.

I am currently just trying to get the demo code working to use as a basis for further development,

The problem I am having is although the code compiles and load onto the board when run the sketch does not appear to be reading from the analogue input, with an value of 0 being output for raw sensor output over the serial port.

When i run the analogue example sketch for the same pin the raw sensor data is reported correctly.

Source code attached,

(edit) - used analogue read to probe input pin directly - sensor value is displayed correctly, but var signal is still staying 0 .

any help greatly appreciated.



  • Interrupt.ino
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  • IntervalTimer.h
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  • PulseSensorAmped_Ard.ino
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