Teensy 3.2 3D Model


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I just made this 3D model of the Teensy 3.2. I designed it as a visualization model and something that I could use to help me model enclosures etc.... I used a combination of the library file posted here:


and physical measurements/observations of my existing board. It is not by any means uber precise, and I haven't finished adding the pads and traces to the board. The bottom is incomplete.

I'll update it as I finish it.


Here are renders of the current 3D Model.
Thanks for the 3D model but boy that Teensy 3.2 is tough to mount...
I've not 3D printed this yet but it's tough to get any place to hold the board down.

I'm putting the pins in sticking up so jumper wires can be easily installed and still have access to the LED and button.
I was hoping to just capture the PCB on the edge but the pin holes are so close to the edge the solder could leave only .5mm at best.