Teensy 3.2 died. What can I do?

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Hi guys. About 6 mopnths ago we bought 8 or so Teensy 3.2 boards for a project. All of the boards have been working fine except one had just died. I am using it to control a paper tape reader unit. The board doessn't show up as a COM and the chip near the USB port gets hot. Is there anything I can do?
Hard to say. Hopefully some of the more hardware oriented people will have additional ideas.

Sounds like the Voltage Regulator is probably getting hot. When I have had situations like this it was usually because there was a short somewhere. Or it could be because you are feeding it too high of a voltage and/or devices connected to the board are using too much current.

What I would do first, is to check for obvious shorts. I often use OHM meter and check all of the IOs to ground to see if any shorts. Also check +3.3 to gnd, VIN to gnd, Vin to +3.3 ... If you detect any shorts and resolve them, you might be lucky and the board will work again... Also I would do a visual check of the board looking for signs of something fried, like pot mark in an IC or...

Sometimes I have been lucky and once a short was resolved, everything was fine. A few times I replaced the board. BUT, before using a replacement make sure the condition that killed the first one is not still present.

Good luck.
and the chip near the USB port gets hot.

First, disconnect the Teensy from all other circuitry. That chip is the voltage regulator which creates 3.3V from the 5V USB power. Usually it will get hot if something else is drawing far too much current from the 3.3V power. The very first step is to disconnect all the other stuff, so you can figure out if it's a problem on the Teensy board or a problem involving all the other stuff.
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