Teensy 3.2 Ferrite Bead


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Hi , I'm trying to design a PCB using Teensy 3.2 and because I'm pretty new to all this stuff , I don't really understand the usage of ferrite bead in the Teensy. Anyway I don't really need to understand it , I could just place the Ferrite Beads and don't every worry about them ever. But the thing is that apart from the 120 and 600 ohm at 100 MHz shown on the Teensy 3.5&6 schematic I cant find any other information on these ferrite bead. But when I go on Digikey to look for thoses parts I still have some different Ferrite Bead with the right impendence at 100 MHz but with different current rating and DC resistance. So can anyone help me out and give me more details about those ferrite bead ?

(I assume that 3.5/6 and 3.2 uses the same ferrite bead)

So theses two for example would work ?


Impedance @ Frequency600 Ohms @ 100 MHz
Current Rating (Max)1.5A
DC Resistance (DCR) (Max)100mOhm


Impedance @ Frequency120 Ohms @ 100 MHz
Current Rating (Max)3.5A
DC Resistance (DCR) (Max)20mOhm