Teensy 3.6 digital pins 29/30 with CAN


Hopefully the title explains the issue... ;-)

I'm messing with the CAN interface on a Teensy 3.6 board.

I'm using the FlexCAN_T4 library with just the CAN0 interface:

FlexCAN_T4<CAN0, RX_SIZE_256, TX_SIZE_16> can0;

I have a number of the digital pins setup as inputs and others as outputs.

The controller on the other side of the CAN interface sends commands that cause the Teensy to return the input states or set the output states.

The issue I found is that I cannot make digital pins 29 and 30 work as inputs.

Does this have something to do with an alternate usage of those pins being the CAN0TX/CAN0RX pins?

I have my CAN interface connected to the CAN0TX/CAN0RX digital 3/4 pins and the interface is working fine.

Is there something that must be done to "free" pins 29 and 30 for digital inputs?

so you want the CAN on 29 and 30 or 3 & 4? to set pins as input you must set them as input

pinMode(pin, INPUT)
I'm using CAN0 on pins 3 & 4. CAN works fine.

Most of the remaining pins I have set as either inputs or outputs (using the pinMode() function).

Seems like all the pins work except for pins 29 & 30. I can't get them to work as inputs (I have not tried them as outputs yet).

The only odd thing I see about those two pins is they can also be used for CAN0.