Teensy 3.6 Prop Shield Motion Error for Heading (Yaw) Angle

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Hi everyone,

I have a propshield motion sensor for Teensy 3.6. I did the calibration of the Propshield with this prodecure website. But, when i run the oriantation.ino code and open the serial port screen, the heading angle is constanly decrasing altough i don't move the sensor. Problem figure is shown below:

Please help me, immediatly.

mail: denizkorkmaz17@gmail.com

Temperature variation (the calibration and use should only done after the circuit has warmed up)? Magnetic stray fields? (PC speakers in proximity?)
i dont move the prop shield motion sensor, and also roll and pitch angles dont change. Only yaw angle is changing. there is no temperature variation. Please help me, i need to your suggestions.
If the prop shield is soldered or plugged on top of the Teensy 3.6 there will most probably be a mutual heating up. But without a picture and more information about your setup, including power supply, nobody will most probably be able to help you without wildly guessing around.

It might theoretically be that your prop shield is faulting if you created leakage currents while soldering pins to it. Thus a quick check of all pins with an oscilloscope might already help you to find the problem. Still a guess without having seen your hardware...

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I'd be careful. I am sorry.

Teensy 3.6 is placed on a board and prop shield is placed on another board. These are connected with cables together.
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