Teensy 3.6 - Suggestions for an appropriate IC for optical isolation of usb 2.0 lines

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Hi all, I'm trying to build a small control system using Teensy 3.6 with TFT, alongside a number of other micro-controllers connected via UART's and I2C comms, and a number of peripheral motors, etc. I made a link-up PCB (like a motherboard I suppose) to connect all these components together reliably and to hold transistors/mosfets/motor drivers/etc for peripheral equipment like motors, leds, audio, etc. The system primarily runs somewhat autonomously with its own 12V power supply for equipment as well as Traco regulators to 5V and 3.3V power planes for running the logic side of things. In operation however, it is also desirable to have this connect to a PC where I've a custom windows application built to read info from Teensy 3.6 and hence control the peripheral equipment on there also. This also serves to extract or add data to the integrated sd card.

From my initial tests I'm finding that any ESD shocks to the peripheral motors is frequently causing the USB connection to immediately drop and it can not be reconnected without unplugging and reconnecting the usb cable (or restarting). As a result I'd very much like to switch to an optically isolated USB 2.0 connection.

If anyone has done something like this previously, could you give some details on what you used for optical isolation of the USB 2.0 port. I'm specifically looking for an integrated circuit (IC) device that can achieve this rather than a stand alone box that can be installed on the USB cable. Also, IC's that are available in DIP packages will suit best for prototyping but I understand that these are often hard to find nowadays so if not available I can jump straight to surface mount if I think it has a good chance of working.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks,
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