Teensy 4.0 - 3D CAD model?

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Teensy noob here. I see that 3D CAD models are available for various Teensys, but I haven't found one for the 4.0.

Anyone have a 4.0 CAD model that I can import into Solidworks (2017) - native, STEP, or even IDF or IGES...?


Excellent, @Simmic, thanks! I've tried importing this model into the KiCad footprints for Teensy 4. Here's what a 3d render looks like for the breakout board I've been working on:

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 12.14.57 PM.png

I think you did this in SolidWorks, which I don't have access to. I wonder if you could make two small improvements:

- Show the height of the bottom components. This will help visualize clearance for applications where the Teensy is mounted flush to a PCB.

- The only model I could import was the STEP file, which lacks any color. Is it possible to include a WRL file which is preferred for KiCad and I hope would add some more realistic rendering.
Thanks for the reply!
Adding the small compoonents on the back side, is a geat idea! I need to see of I can export a WRL file from Solidworks.
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