(Teensy 4.0 + Audio Shield) Looking to use 3.3V output


I currently have a Teensy 4.0 hooked up to the Audio Shield. My project is similar to the audio guestbook project referenced here often but in addition to recording audio, I'd like to use the dial on the phone. I currently have the dial wired with one wire going to ground and another going to 3.3V and using the internal pulldown. This setup worked before adding the audio shield but now that it's connected I'm getting interference and can hear clicking/buzzing through the microphone whenever my dial is connected to either of the 3.3V on the board. Using the 5V for the dial causes the board to reset/reboot. Is there a way to have all of these components work together? I'd also like to maybe eventually add a LCD1602 module will that be a problem with everything already connected?