Teensy 4.0 back in stock?


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The PJRC store says Teensy 4.0 is out of stock!

I see it available from other stores, but I do like to support my local PJRC, esp. since the local Portland post office always seems to get my orders to me next-day.

Are 4.0 or 4.1 expected back in stock soon? (Like, in May or June of 2021?)

Or is some other newer upgrade in the works?

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Teensy 4.0 is in stock. Only Teensy 4.1 ran out.

A small batch of Teensy 4.1 are due soon, but they won't last long. After those, we're waiting on NXP for more chips. They were supposed to delivery chips on March 1st. But those parts have been delayed until mid-June. If they really do deliver then, we should be back in stock by early July.
At this moment, looks like Adafruit still has 50 in stock. Several of the distributors who sell Teensy 4.1 on Amazon also appear to still have some.

That inventory won't hold up much longer. If you want a Teensy 4.1 before July, now's the time to order it.