teensy 4.0 error message whn using UTouch library


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when compiling with teensy 3.2 the program compiles OK however when compiling selecting the teensy 4.0 I get the error message:
\Users\Ojamu\Documents\Arduino\libraries\UTouch\UTouch.cpp: In member function 'void UTouch::InitTouch(byte)':

C:\Users\Ojamu\Documents\Arduino\libraries\UTouch\UTouch.cpp:57:8: error: cannot convert 'volatile uint32_t* {aka volatile long unsigned int*}' to 'volatile uint8_t* {aka volatile unsigned char*}' in assignment

  P_CLK = portOutputRegister(digitalPinToPort(T_CLK));

The issue seems to be with the Utouch library and some typecasting incompatibility.
I have an idea of whats happening but not sure how to resolve it
You could try editing that line to P_CLK = (volatile uint8_t*)portOutputRegister(digitalPinToPort(T_CLK));

Might work if you don't have any other ideas.