Teensy 4.1 and Ethernet, a workshop experiment


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I'm trying an experiment. What better way to learn a subject and to be more community-involved than giving instruction on it? I miss giving workshops, so I've just created a Google meeting where I can do some screen sharing and help anyone with getting Ethernet things working effectively with the Teensy 4.1. I'll discuss best practices, along with some tips and tricks, and hopefully improve your thinking and code in this department.

I'm restricting the chat to be about Ethernet networking on the Teensy 4.1 because I want to see how it goes. I don't claim I'm an expert in all Teensy things, but I wrote the QNEthernet library and have a few commercial-level projects under my belt, so I figured I can share some knowledge.

Here's the meeting link: https://meet.google.com/tsd-eapa-xnb
It'll be active for about an hour (it's about 4:10 right now), until about 5:10pm Pacific Time (UTC-8). Let's see what happens and where this goes...
I'm holding another one now for about an hour (8pm UTC-8). I'm experimenting with the timing. Same meeting link.
There's no recording. I'm going to hold another one from now until about 4pm (UTC-8) today (22-Feb-2023), or whenever I have to stop. Same meeting link.

Update: I plan to be on here for another hour or so (until about 5 or 5:30pm (UTC-8)).
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I'm hosting another today (right now, in fact) for the next hour or two. Same meeting link.
I'm hosting another one if anyone would like to join. I'll be on for about an hour or two.
Shawn -
Great topic and very generous of you to share your time and experience! But I saw your announcement after the fact. Would it be possible to get a heads-up a couple of days early? Thanks.
Agreed that a heads-up is better, but sometimes I don’t know I have time until I do. :)

This is all ad hoc to me for now.
Hi Shawn, interested in coming along but I'm in NSW Australia so very offset timezone. What time of your day do you typically do this?
So far, there’s been no rhyme or reason to it. Curious, what times are typically best for you?
I know it's last minute, but I'm hosting one again now. We'll be talking "better Ethernet throughput," per a request.

Update: I had to step away for a little bit; I'm back now.
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@defragster I have some time this afternoon to show you that starting point if you're around.
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