Teensy 4.1 : cannot make use of "free" memory - resulting in FW crash

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Thanks Luni,

Will have to try playing with it.

@tjaekel and all:
But I also meant to say in the previous post, something along the line of:
Hope you are not barking up the wrong tree!

Are you getting some form of hard crash? Anything show up in the Crash Report?

With some Hard memory crashes, I have had places where Crash report would not give me the data... I at least at onepoint had a CrashReport version, that if you turned on
core debug (cores\teensy4\debug\printf.h) and setup to use Serial4. Where I would hook it up to USB to UART of some type...
I had a lot of the outputs going to printf statements probably in start.c in the unused_interrupt_vector...

Could be lots of things, like suppose you have code that access an array and the array index is way out of bounds, like an uninitialized variable...
And with smaller memory usage, it still is within memory range, but with increased size, you now go out of bounds.

With many things like, this, I end up having to add debug stuff, both use of IO pins and logic analyzer and debug printing, to see if I can better localize, where things go bad.

Good luck
Not open for further replies.